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Taxpayer-Funded Duck Penis Researcher Now Studying Whale Penises

A leading researcher on a ridiculed taxpayer-funded study of duck penises is now using her expertise on orca whales and is going to the "March for Science" to protest budget cuts.

Patricia Brennan, a visiting lecturer at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, worked on the duck penis study that received $384,949 from the National Science Foundation, a grant that was funded through the 2009 stimulus package. The study looked at the differences in the corkscrew-shaped penises of ducks.

A recent interview with New England Public Radio revealed that Brennan is still fascinated by genitalia of various marine animals, this time one from an orca whale that was just delivered from Sea World to her lab.

"Holy cow," Brennan said when the penis first arrived. "Oh wow. Oh my goodness. It's enormous!"

"Although Brennan has spent 20 years studying the sex organs of marine animals, she's never seen anything this big," New England Public Radio reported. "It takes up an entire lab sink."

"So this is the tip right there," Brennan said. "It's not super long, it's just wide."

Brennan is on a new mission to protest budget hawks in Congress and the Trump administration seeking to cut funding for frivolous research.

She is attending the "March for Science" this weekend as a political activist, even though what "she'd really like to do, is get back to the lab and take another look at that killer whale penis."

New England Public Radio said the "stakes for science have never been higher," because Donald Trump is president and has called for budget reductions in the face of a $20 trillion debt.

Trump's budget blueprint would leave the National Institutes of Health with $25.9 billion. The National Science Foundation was not mentioned in the budget blueprint. The agency currently gets roughly $7 billion annually.

Since taxpayers were informed about how much her duck penis study cost, Brennan has become a "sought-after science activist," giving lectures on how scientists can defend their research.

"They were attacking everything," Brennan said of news outlets reporting the cost of her study. "They were attacking the science itself, like, ‘what a waste of money.' They were attacking me, as a person, like, I must be some kind of deviant to be looking at penises.

"Like, who does that?" she asked.

New England Public Radio explained that Brennan is a "basic scientist," meaning she only observes how things work and is not "necessarily applying that knowledge to a particular problem."

There is no real premise to her new research on orca whale penises. "Just the fact that we just don't know what we're going to find is so exciting," she said.

"In order for us to actually be able to solve problems, or make money, or innovate, we actually need to know … about how the world works," Brennan said.

Brennan justified her duck penis study by explaining that it discovered male ducks rape female ducks and that both duck vaginas and penises have evolved in response to "sexual conflict."

"Males have counterclockwise spiraling penises, while females have clockwise spiraling vaginas and blind pockets that prevent full eversion of the male penis," Brennan explained in Slate.

"Male ducks force copulations on females, and males and females are engaged in a genital arms race with surprising consequences," she said, adding, "male competition is a driving force behind these male traits that can be harmful to females."

Brennan says she now tells researchers to "come out swinging" to defend their own "weird-sounding stuff."


Doctor claims he can enlarge your penis with a ‘Botox-style’ injection

Where will the quest for a bigger package “down there” end?

You often hear the phrase “size doesn’t matter” when it comes to the length and girth of a man’s penis.

Still, many men feel they are inadequate in the bedroom and will do whatever it takes to make their partner scream with pleasure.

But what if whatever it takes involved a needle in your manhood, would you be game?

The demand for larger penises has seen a boom in cosmetic procedures and gadgets such as pumps, and even penile weights designed to stretch the muscle.

But now, a New York cosmetic surgeon believes he has the answer and it lies in a syringe full of blood.

According to Dr. Norman Rowe, a board-certified surgeon, a 10-minute Botox-style procedure can add 1.5 inches to the circumference of a man’s member.

Rowe already offers enlargements in the form of cosmetic fillers, which work to increase the girth and length of the penis.

Similar in fashion to what a dentist does, Rowe uses a numbing agent in the penile area before injecting it and in roughly 10 minutes men can have the penis they’ve always wanted.

His new idea involves injecting one’s own blood into their genitals, similar to what is already used in athletes to aid in muscle rejuvenation.

He told the Daily Mail: “In the last 10 years, we have seen the rise of so many “quick fix” operations like Botox – for the face, for the eyes … I spend so much of my day doing fillers on women’s faces.”

“I started to wonder: why can’t I make it work for men?”

The blood used in the procedure has been rid of its platelets, making it more concentrated.

The idea of the blood shots rose to prominence in 2013 when Kobe Bryant announced he used it to treat different parts of his body.

Then came the Kim Kardashian’s “vampire facelift,” which involved the reality TV star having her own blood injected into tiny pinpricks in her face.

Rowe explains on his website that penis fillers have little to no recovery time and there is no pain involved in the procedure.

But if you’re not willing to suffer through the prick of a needle in your, well you know, then there are other things you can do to make yourself stand a little taller, according to the NHS.

You could try trimming your pubic hair will help you look more impressive, as a big mound of hair can often make a penis look smaller than it is.

Losing weight can also help give the illusion of a bigger size as an overhanging beer belly distracts from what a lover should really be taking note of.


Nothing, absolutely nothing, flatters a girl more than a man committing suicide because of her.


Non-surgical vagina tightening treatment: 20 minute FemiWand session is FIRST in UK

The FemiWand machine is the first of its kind across the UK.

Viewers of reality show Real Housewives of Cheshire were shocked when WAG Tanya Bardsley tested it on screen - champagne in hand – earlier this month. The 35-year-old star of the ITV show was testing the device for friend Dawn Ward.

The FemiWand, designed for vaginal rejuvenation, promises to transport your most intimate area back in time using ultrasound.

The procedure is somewhat non-invasive and it is completely non-surgical, but it will involve casting your modesty aside for the duration of the treatment.

What’s more, the treatment can be done over your lunch break - meaning you can return to your desk quite literally a new woman.

How does the FemiWand treatment work? The procedure stimulates collagen production by delivering focused ultrasound energy to the skin’s foundational muscle layer typically addressed in cosmetic surgery — without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.

The ultrasound is perfectly safe, and unlike lasers can go beyond the surface of the vaginal tissue to intensify the effects of the treatment.

What can I expect during the treatment? To begin with, a vaginal examination is performed to assess the area and makes sure it is safe to go ahead.

Next, a three step disinfection of the FemiWand instrument, the FemiWand ultrasound cartridge and the vagina itself is completed.

The expert aesthetician will apply some ultrasound gel to the 'Wand' along with a condom and lubrication. Then they are ready to get down to business.

A 4.5mm cartridge on the wand is inserted four inches into the vagina. It emits ultrasound into the deepest layer of the vagina, and rotates 360 degrees to cover the whole of the vaginal wall.

This part of the procedure lasts around three minutes. Customers will feel a warm tingly sensation as the ultrasound penetrates the deep tissue.

The wand is then pulled out an inch out of the vagina and another three minute rotation will take place.

Finally the wand is pulled another inch out of the vagina, and it is treated to another three minute rotation of ultrasound.

These steps are then repeated with a 3mm cartridge which treats the skin inside the vagina.

Finally, the 'Like a Virgin' rejuvenation serum is inserted into the vagina, giving it vital nutritions to feed the new collagen fibres.

The total time for the treatment is 20 minutes and it can be easily done on a lunch break.

An immediate improvement is felt straight after the treatment with major changes showing four weeks later.

Two to three treatments are recommended spaced four weeks apart with effects lasting two to three years.

The price for one treatment is £495 and for two treatments its £795.

The machine is the first of its kind across the whole of the UK and Manchester’s VIVO clinic is the only clinic to offer this treatment.

NHS advice

The NHS offers little advice on the natural loosening of the vagina overtime - or the cosmetic treatments available for this.

However, there are exercises recommend to women to help tighten their vaginal muscles after childbirth.

They include:

Squeeze and draw in your anus at the same time, and close up and draw your vagina upwards. Do it quickly, tightening and releasing the muscles immediately

Then do it slowly, holding the contractions for as long as you can, but no more than 10 seconds, before you relax. Repeat each exercise 10 times, four to six times a day.

Pelvic floor repair is available for women for whom the tissues have become overstretched - known as a prolapse. However, this is an uncomfortable medical issue and must be treated by a doctor.


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