Women go crazy for a big penis

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If you want to be admired by women, most of all you need a big penis

Bill Karson

Read about it on Cosmopolitan. They have an article on how to have sex with a man with a big penis. It's a hymn to a man's most important quality.

Or read about that guy Jonah Falcon. His dick measures 13.5 inches in length, 8 inches in diameter. His dick is really is only quality. But he gets invited for sex by Oscar winners, and thousands of women. He is not good looking, way beyond middle age. All no problem. He has a big dick. That's the only thing important.

Ok, mine is only average. Well, good enough. But I feel pitty with men who have a small one. I go to swinger parties with my wife. And if we decide whether we meet a guy again or not, her only requirement is that the guy not be small. She can't feel anything with such a guy.

Now, if you aren't big, don't go and subscribe to a website that teaches you jelqing. That is idiotic. It causes tissue damage.

Your best bet is krachai dam (kaempferia parviflora). That's a mild phosphodiesterase inhibitor, just like sildenafil citrate. You can use up to 5 grams a day. It keeps your penis blood-engorged at all times, without causing an erection at inappropriate occasions. At least you won't look small. If you don't want a bigger penis, never mind. Some guys are more into watching porn and masturbating. For them a bigger penis is not needed.